Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pottermore Beta Testing

I finally got my email for the Pottermore beta testing, and i was excited to finally explore this new wonderful world. Well it exceed my standards completely it is loaded with some great information and gives you some great insight into the Harry Potter world. It explains in depth on many things and it is easy to navigate. It lets you follow in Harry's foots steps and do some really amazing things. If you are a Harry Potter fan, 1.) you are missing out and, 2.) sign up in October when it is opened to the public. But if you haven't read the books then you are missing out on some truly amazing literature.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Recent Speech

WT676F9DNNNK On Thursday September 8th, President Obama gave a speech on a new plan to give more jobs to construction crew and also fixing up roads, bridges and other transportation methods. I thought his speech was powerful, with a lot of purpose. He aimed his speech at the American people and Congress with the hope of getting this bill passed. By the way this bill is about 667 billion dollars worth of stimulus. This will work IF congress can get their pride over their separate parties and their differences settled, but I believe it will pass because the American people want it passed (now i know some don't and I don't know why). This is the tactic Obama used to persuade congress to vote for this bill and it was met in loud applause from both Republicans and Democrats, but we will see in the weeks to come if it will pass or not. Thank you for reading, comment please with your opinions.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recent Natural Disasters

These past few weeks have been filled with several natural disasters. A major one that is happening at the moment is a massive wildfire of just terrible destruction. It has burned down thousands of acres and hundreds of homes. But a bizarre turn of events is that everyone thought that the hurricane should of rain and put out the fires, but it has not brought any rain to Texas but also it has brought strong winds to fuel the fire even more. But relating to hurricanes, many people have lost their homes to flooding on the east coast resulting from these multiple hurricanes. Most of these people also don't have insurance that protects from flood damage, so many of these people have no where to go and no money to rebuild or move. What I want to know why these things happen all at once and not in moderation, I'm not saying they should happen at all, but lets face it they will. Thank you for reading, and please comment.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hitler and Napoleon

Ok so I have been thinking for the past years that Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte are very similar in a few ways. Hitler and Napoleon took control over a functional democracy and named them self ruler for life and changed the governments dramtically. Hitler transformed the Germanium government into a Fascist state, where Napoleon created a form of Monarchy. After taking power both of these men created armies of such great size that the world hadn't seen in centuries and they utilized them correctly(but not always). But there is one major fundamental flaw in Hitlers great army and it was his chain of command. His Chief of Staff did not have any idea on how to utilize the German Luftwaffe correctly, but also more importantly they did not listen to Rommel. If Rommel had been in charge of all units in the Mediterranean theater, the Germans(and the Italians even thought they played no major other then the transporting of fuel) would of won a stunning victory. I brought up the Luftwaffe because if the Germans had utilize them correctly  then the Italian oil tankers would of made it to North Africa safely and Rommel's war machines would of smashed the British past Cairo and even push the Americans back into the sea. But this did not happen so the oil tankers sank from the British ships and planes and Rommel's tanks sat empty on the field of battle. This here shows one of Germany's biggest failure and the second one is strongly related to Napoleon and that's attacking Russia. If Germany did not attack Russia then they could of focues their armies on Western Europe and stop the Allied advance in its tracks for a time, but also the forces from North Africa could have also supported German forces after their victory. Napoleon also made the mistake of attacking Russia, and this is where he lost his Grand Armee and also where is moral was lost. Russia and later the USSR uses the Scorched Earth strategy to great effect. Scorched Earth strategy is where the defender retreats and burns/destroys and valuable resources as in food, water and timber so as to hamper the enemy but also to extend the enemies supply line but at the same time shorting yours. Napoleon like Hitler was defeated by a coalition of allies, for Napoleon every major European nation joined against him six times before he was defeated in 1813. Napoleon was exiled to Elba and escaped a year later and came to power again, but once again was defeated by a coalition at Waterloo, this coalition consisted of British and Prussian soldiers. This ends my Hitler and Napoleon post, plz comment your ideas or feellings on this subject.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Civil War in Libya

So as everyone should know(yea some people don't) there is a civil war going on in Libya, the people have finally thrown off their tyrants chains, which was Gadhafi, and have taken Libya's capital Tripoli, within the last two weeks. As everyone assumed the battles would end and there would be peace, Gadhafi, who has transferred the capital from the rebel controlled Tripoli to Sirte. But with this announcement comes tidings that chilled the rebel cause, Gadhafi explains that all loyalists will fight until their death until the rebels are eradicated. So a war that has stretched for 6 months may well develop into one year and beyond. So i ask all of you who read this.... if there is anyone to comment your thoughts on this, because I'm curious of everyone's thoughts.